Austria my new home

I have lived here for a month now and feel the same as when I started. It’s a new home to me and I am obsessed with this place. The snow, the mountains, the people, the food, It all seems to revlolve around the type of life that i want to live. I fit in well with everybody, I do something new everyday, I’m constantly looking out my window seeing if there’s new snow, I’m making friends, loving my host family and living life to the absolute fullest.

The last month has been one of the bests months I think I’ve ever had. I have already decided I’m not going to want to go home and if possible I think living and studying here after school would be awesome. Austria a small country in Central Europe seems to have exactly what a want and fits the needs of a person like me. The only thing I’ll miss is living next to the beach but this will easily be overridden by the mountains that I am obsessed with.

I’m in my comfort zone when I am here. When I am here I feel at home. I think this place is constructed of all the things I need and I couldn’t be happier

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